Millions Of Smiles Campaign

In a year round fundraising effort, we ask our members and partners to participate by donating time and/or money to this campaign on a monthly basis.  CosmoPeeps donates a portion of its revenue from advertising & operations to this campaign in its effort to spearhead the campaign of giving.

The Millions of Smiles Campaign is split into various coalitions which will raise funds for specific causes and charities.  The coalitions are design to cater to the backgrounds of our members and specific charitable partners. 

Members can set preferences of causes and charities that they would like to support.  Each member would be placed into the corresponding coalition and positioned to contribute time or money to the coalition or cause. (members can also choose to support the overall program)  Additional reward benefits would be given to coalition groups that raise the most or have the greatest impact with-in the campaign through our gifts club.

All partnering organizations can contribute as an organization with the option of getting their employees involved by way of payroll deduction.  Partners that contribute the most will gain premium exposure and added benefits through the Millions of Smiles marketing campaigns.





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