Music Executives Collaboration

The intensive program analyzes emerging business models and international markets for music and media--positioned at the intersection of several overlapping areas of industry. We examine existing and emergent strategies for designing hybrid business models to manage the dispersal of content across multiple platforms, including interactive websites, smartphone and tablet apps, social video games, music and video streaming services, live performances, and others on the horizon, such as virtual and augmented reality.
Participants will work in mixed teams to design improvements or innovations to their existing business models.
This is a joint collaboration of the Music Business Program at NCN and local business universities and government agencies.   Division.
Who should enroll?

The Music Business Innovation Lab is designed for music and media industry executives with 3-8 years of experience. The program aims to develop participants' capabilities in such areas as:

  • collaborating across technological and cultural boundaries
  • exploring emergent platforms and media formats
  • analyzing data and trends underlying evolving models for music in a transmedia context
  • developing business models and strategies with clear value propositions and potential.

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