Referral Marketing Program

Referral Marketing has many definitions. We have heard it declared as networking for your referrals, asking your clients for referrals, and even building your business by referral.

Here at National CEO Network, our strategy for network marketing is different.  In fact, we have a very clear definition of referral marketing.  

Referral Marketing is a business strategy to attract new clients through a process of building relationships which result in a flow of personally recommended business.

Let’s break down the definition closely.

  1. Do you consider it part or your business strategies, or do you simply wait around for referrals?
  2. Are you confident in the type of clients you want to attract? Does anyone else in your network have that information?
  3. What is your definition of networking; do you pass out as many cards as you can? do you schmooze and booze? or do you really focus on building a relationship by helping someone?
  4. Are referrals typically a surprise for you? Are you wishing they would flow to you more often?
  5. How many people are personally recommending you on a regular basis? Who are they and how often do they do it?

When you put together your new referral strategy with National CEO Network's selective matching services for referrals, you will discover a whole new dynamic for building your business through effective business relationships made possible through our Referral Marketing Program.


  1. To get started, you must be registered as a member of National CEO Network.
  2. Fill out the business referrals survey and we will begin to build your referral needs portfolio.
  3. Our connections committee will then analyze your needs and begin to match you to other approved businesses with-in our network referral program
  4. A member services representative will contact you with any follow up questions in order to find the best possible businesses in the network.
  5. After all assessments are complete, we will match you with corresponding businesses and you can begin building meaningful business relationships that will be beneficial to both parties

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